Horoscope for 2016

Major Trends

The love life sparkled in 2014 and 2015 but this year it is not so prominent. Most likely your love and romantic goals have been achieved and you’re moving on to other areas of interest.

When Jupiter enters your 9th house on September 10 there will be more foreign travel in your life. This will also be a wonderful aspect for students at college level or who are about to enter college. There is success in their studies and good news here.

Neptune has been in your money house for some years now and will be there for many more. This shows a reliance on the financial intuition and a deeper exploration of the spiritual laws of affluence. There’s more on this later.

Saturn has been in your 11th house since December 2014. This shows the testing of friendships. Those that are not up to par will dissolve. You generally love being involved in groups and group activities. This love is still there, but you’re becoming more choosy about it. The focus is more on quality rather than quantity.

Uranus, the ruler of your Horoscope, is still in Aries and your 3rd house. (He has been there for many years.) This shows a strong interest in communication and intellectual activities, in writing, teaching, sales and marketing – areas that you naturally love. This is also a nice position for students (below college level). It suggests interest, and this tends to success.

Jupiter spends most of the year (until September 9) in your 8th house. This shows good fortune in your projects of personal transformation. It also shows good fortune with tax, insurance or estate issues. More on this later.

Pluto in your 12th house for many years now shows that a spiritual detox is going on. Impurities in the spiritual life – in the practice and especially the attitudes – are being purged. This is a long-term project.

Your areas of greatest interest this year are: finance; communication and intellectual interests; personal transformation, occult studies, sex (until September 9); religion, philosophy, higher education and foreign travel (from September 10 onwards); friends, groups and group activities; and spirituality.

Your paths of greatest fulfilment this year are: personal transformation, occult studies, sex; and religion, philosophy, higher education and foreign travel (from September 10 onwards).


(Please note that this is an astrological perspective on health and not a medical one. In days of yore there was no difference, these perspectives were identical. But now there could be quite a difference. For a medical perspective, please consult your doctor or health practitioner.)

When Saturn left Scorpio late in 2014 there was an immediate improvement in health and energy. And this trend continues this year. There are no long-term planets stressing you out. They are either in harmonious aspect to you or leaving you alone. Health will be good. If there are any pre-existing conditions, there is good news about them. They seem much improved. Sure, there will be periods in the year when health and energy are less ‘easy’ than usual. These periods are caused by the short-term planetary transits. They are temporary and not trends for the year. When they pass the normal good health returns.

Your 6th house of health is empty this year (only short-term planets will move through there), which I read as another positive health signal. You can sort of take good health for granted. You have no need to focus here overly much.

Good though your health is, you can make it even better. Give more attention to the following areas – the vulnerable areas of your chart (the reflexology points are shown in the following diagram):

  • The ankles and calves. These are always important for Aquarius and should be regularly massaged. The ankles need more support when exercising.
  • The stomach and breasts. These too are particularly important for Aquarius. Right diet is always important for you (not so with many other signs) and this should be checked out with a professional. As our regular readers know – how you eat can be just as important as whatyou eat. Meals should be taken in a calm and relaxed way. It is beneficial to have calm, soothing music playing as you eat (sacred music, yoga music, or ‘elevator’ music – hard rock is not advisable). Grace, in your own words, should be said before and after meals. Food should be blessed. The act of eating should be elevated from mere animal appetite to an act of worship. This raises the energy vibration of the food – and, more importantly, that of the body and digestive system.

The Moon is your health planet. She is the fastest moving of all the planets and every month she moves through your entire Horoscope. Thus there are many short-term health trends that are best discussed in the monthly reports. If the Moon is receiving positive aspects, health is super. If she is stressed out (and this is always a short-term issue) you could feel under the weather. Much of what you feel in your body is merely the Moon receiving certain kinds of aspects.

With the Moon as your health planet, good health for you means much more than just ‘no symptoms’. It is more than just testing negative on an ultrasound. It means good emotional health. A healthy family and domestic life. If health problems occur (God forbid) examine the family relationship and bring it into harmony as quickly as possible. Keep the moods positive and constructive. Meditation will be a big help here.

Home and Family

Your 4th house of home and family is not prominent this year. (It has not been prominent for some years now.) This tends to a stable kind of year. There is nothing especially against a move or renovation, but there’s nothing that supports it either. You have greater freedom in the home and family life, but not that much interest.

Aquarius is not known for being family oriented. You tend to be freedom-loving, unconventional types. Anything that interferes with freedom (and family often does) is looked on with suspicion.

Now that Saturn has left Scorpio, a parent or parent figure seems less of a disciplinarian than usual. Less stern. Less serious. He or she is probably feeling much better as well. He or she has financial challenges these days and needs to reorganize the finances – to shift things around. He or she is not likely to move this year.

The other parent or parent figure could have already moved in recent years and now seems satisfied with the status quo.

If the parents or parent figures are still married, the relationship is much improved these days. There was a severe testing of the marriage in 2013 and 2014. If they are divorced, one of them has good romantic aspects this year.

You seem very devoted to siblings or the sibling figures in your life. They seem more rebellious and difficult to handle. In one sense they are much like you – they need their freedom and space. Romance is likely after September 10, but marriage is not advisable. They have a stable kind of family year. They have excellent job aspects and the health looks good. (They do need to be careful about experimenting with the body, though – this can lead to injury.)

Children or children figures in your life are likely to move this year. It could have happened last year too. The move seems happy. Sometimes people don’t ‘literally’ move, but they make renovations or other investments in the home and the effect is as if they had moved. Children and children figures are more fertile than usual. Their health looks good. However, their marriage or current relationship is getting tested. Grandchildren (if you have them) are having a spiritual kind of year. They are making renovations in the home. On September 10 they enter a multi-year cycle of prosperity.

You seem very involved in the health of a parent or parent figure. His or her job situation seems unstable. He or she benefits from new, cutting-edge therapies and from alternative medicine. The other parent figure has wonderful job opportunities from September 10 onwards. Health looks good for this parent.

If you’re beautifying the home – repainting, redecorating, or buying new furniture or art objects – April 19 to May 24 is a good time for this.

Finance and Career

In finance, the trend for many years has been to understand and apply the spiritual laws of prosperity. You already understand much about this, but you’re going deeper into it.

Neptune, your financial planet and the most spiritual of the planets, has been in your money house for some years now and will be there for many more. It is ‘miracle money’ that interests you and not so much ‘natural’ money. You like the money that comes to you from ‘left field’ – from unexpected places and ways. Even what we think of as ‘natural money’ comes from the spirit world – but its origins are more disguised. It is the unexpected kind of money – the miracle money – that has the overt signature of spirit.

Finances are more challenging this year. This doesn’t mean poverty or loss, only that you have to work harder (and in a more spiritual kind of way) to attain your goals. Next year will be much better financially.

Neptune as the financial planet has a mundane interpretation. It shows that there is much ‘hidden’ activity going on in the financial life and in financial dealings. No question that you need to do more homework around important investments or purchases. There can be unpleasant revelations in finance, with the money people in your life, in financial deals, etc. Things are not what they seem. You can’t take things at ‘face value’.

There are also two eclipses in your money house this year. This will shake things up and force you to make needed changes – changes in thinking and strategy. This is when one usually learns about the ‘hidden’ things. The changes will ultimately be good.

Jupiter spends most of this year in your 8th house. This shows that the spouse, partner or current love is having a banner financial year. Things may be more difficult for you, but not for him or her. This person will be more generous with you.

Jupiter in your 8th house often shows inheritance. (He makes very nice aspects to Pluto, the ruler of inheritance.) Hopefully no one has to die. You can be the recipient of a trust fund, or be appointed to some administrative post in an estate. Or, as often happens, you can be named in someone’s will. It also shows good fortune in tax or insurance issues. Money will often come from insurance payments or tax refunds.

Since the 8th house rules debt, Jupiter in this house indicates an increase in your line of credit and greater ease in borrowing – if you need to. It also shows an ability to pay down debt. There is good access to outside money this year – either through borrowing or through investors. Creative kinds of financing can be a path to profits.

But the main headline this year is the career. Jupiter is making very nice aspects to your career planet, Pluto, and Saturn has now moved out of your career house. The career is going much better these days. You’re not that focused on the career, but success is happening anyway. Next year, 2017, will be an even better career year.

It is good to pursue the career through online activities and through involvement with groups and professional organizations.

Love and Social Life

Romance doesn’t seem a big issue this year, as we have mentioned. Four out of the five long-term planets are in the Eastern sector of your chart – the sector of the self and of personal interests. Your 7th house is basically empty, with only short-term planets moving through there this year. So personal interests are more important than relationships.

As we mentioned, the past two years were very powerful love and social years. Many of you married or got involved in serious love relationships. Thus there’s no longer a need to focus on romance. You seem content with the status quo. Thus married couples will tend to stay married and singles will tend to stay single.

Romance and social activities might not be prominent, but the sex life seems hyperactive. As in most things, you’re experimental in this area.

The Sun is your love planet and he is a fast-moving planet. In any given year he moves through all the signs and houses of your Horoscope. Thus there are many short-term trends in love, depending on where the Sun happens to be and the kind of aspects he receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

There will be two solar eclipses this year. These will tend to shake up the love life and current relationship. You go through this every year, so it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of a relationship. It only shows that dirty laundry is brought out to be washed, to be corrected. Hidden flaws in the relationship make themselves known so that corrections can be made. Solid relationships tend to survive and get even better. It’s the shaky ones that are in danger. These solar eclipses are on March 9 and September 1, and we will discuss them more fully in the monthly reports.

The Sun as the love planet shows that you like strength in a lover – someone prominent such as an athlete, celebrity or entertainer. You can be ‘star struck’ when it comes to love. You like authority figures, and you like to rebel against them. It is almost like some personal romantic dance that you have. Attract the authority figure, and then defy the authority.

The area of friendship also seems less active than usual. We have mentioned this earlier. Your tendency is to attract myriads of friends. But every now and then there is a need to prune them. To separate the real ones from the unreal ones. This is what’s going on now. (It started last year.) Better to have fewer friends, but good ones, than hosts of lukewarm friends.

In astrology we have a simple definition of a real friend. This is someone who wishes for you your ‘fondest hopes and wishes’ and is willing to assist in the process. This will guide you in the coming year. I have heard another good definition of a friend – but it’s not astrological. ‘A true friend is someone who rushes in when everyone is rushing out.’*

It is great to be involved in groups and organizations. Networking is one of your natural strengths. But here too some pruning is necessary. You can’t be involved in every group. You have to be more discerning. You have to separate the important from the unimportant.


Pluto has been in your 12th house of spirituality for many years now, as we have mentioned. This is bringing a purification – a cosmic detox – of the whole spiritual life. Perhaps there is no area of life more confusing, more filled with fantasy and misinformation than this area. I would say that most people need a good detox here, and now it is your turn.

These days, ever since your spiritual planet, Saturn, moved into your 11th house in December 2014, this detox is happening through a disciplined and scientific approach to the spirit. You tend to have this approach naturally, but these days even more so.

This is a time for testing spiritual attitudes, axioms and practices in a scientific way. Many forms of superstition will fall by the wayside with this approach. Does such and such a practice lead to such and such a result? Practise will reveal it. The mystics of old – the ones who instituted many of the practices extant today – understood the science behind spirituality. It’s now your job to rediscover this science and apply it.

Spiritual interests are considered ‘otherworldly’ and ‘impractical’. Otherworldly is perhaps correct, but when understood, spiritual practice is extremely pragmatic in any area where it is applied, whether it be finance, health or career. When understood and practised it has the potential to eliminate poverty, disease and even death itself (eventually).

The other positive things about the scientific approach is that it bolsters faith. The Bhakti methods – the exaltation of the feelings and emotions – often bring dramatic results, but with little stability. In a good mood, the person sits at the right hand of the Divine surrounded by choirs of angels. In a bad mood, they can actually become atheists. All the previous experiences are forgotten. It is as if they never happened. But with the scientific approach, one maintains faith (so important in this kind of work) regardless of mood.

Pluto is your career planet. His position in your 12th house gives many messages. Spirituality is high on your priorities. Spirituality – your spiritual practice and understanding – will boost the career. And, in many cases, spirituality is the real career, the real mission for the year ahead. Sometimes Pluto in the 12th house shows a spiritual-type career – a career with a non-profit company, or with some spiritual organization. Sometimes people devote themselves to a charity or altruistic cause. But sometimes, the spiritual practice itself is the career. People will go off to a spiritual retreat and just focus on their practice. Many changes in the world are the result of a lone person’s spiritual breakthrough – usually in private, unheralded and unsung. The outer changes – in governments or in movements – are just the side effects of this.