July 2017

Best Days Overall: 8, 9, 17, 18, 23, 24

Most Stressful Days Overall: 5, 6, 13, 14, 19, 20

Best Days for Love: 3, 4, 10, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 22, 28, 29, 30, 31

Best Days for Money: 1, 10, 11, 19, 20, 28, 29

Best Days for Career: 4, 16, 19, 20, 25, 26

Overall health and energy are much improved over last month. You still have two long-term planets in stressful alignment with you, but almost all of the short-term planets are either in harmonious aspect or are leaving you alone. Health will be good this month. The 19th and 20th seem a little stressful (a short-term issue), so try to rest and relax more those days.

Love is bittersweet this month. On the one hand, the love planet receives very nice aspects until the 20th. This brings love and social opportunity. On the other hand, Mercury, the ruler of your Horoscope, moves in opposition to Neptune, the love planet, from the 6th onwards. The opposition aspect indicates ‘maximum distance’. You and the beloved are very far apart – physically or psychologically. You have opposite perspectives on things and you can’t seem to agree on anything. It will take much work to bridge your differences, but if you do, love will be better than ever. In astrology, the opposite is the natural love partner.

There is another issue in love too. You and the beloved are both more self-willed these days. Each wants their own way. Each feels he or she is right. The right way is somewhere in the middle. Even better, one time you lean in his or her direction, another time he or she leans in yours.

Speaking of self-will. The planetary power began to shift last month from the social West to the independent East. (This is also complicating love.) You’re in a period of increased personal power and independence, which is growing stronger day by day. Now it is time for you and your interests to come first. This is not selfishness. As your interests are handled, you are more in a position to help others. This is the time (and over the next few months) to make the changes that need to be made in your circumstances. You have the energy and wherewithal to do it. You don’t need to consult anyone. Take responsibility for your own happiness. Let the world conform to you.

Finances should be good this month. Your financial planet, Venus, moves into your 10th career house on the 5th, indicating a strong focus on finance. It is high on your priorities. Often this shows pay rises (official or unofficial) at work. Guard your professional reputation (always a good idea anyway) as this month it leads to financial opportunity. The authority figures in your life are supportive of your financial goals. Venus’s Trine to Jupiter on the 18th and 19th brings financial increase and good fortune. A nice payday.